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    Default ADSL connection problem

    I am no longer able to connect to the internet through my Billion modem. I have tried to reset it via my browser but to no avail. I wondered whether it was a firewall problem so I disabled Zonealarm, but that made no difference. I tried to check the Windows firewall and get the message: "Due to an unidentified problem Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings."
    Any ideas where I can check further? I am running Win XP service pack 2.

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    Default Re: ADSL connection problem

    Go back into your browser window and locate the "Log" part.
    Either look at it and analyse of copy it to here and it can indicate which area it is having problems with specifically.

    There should be listings like .. ATM Connected and ADSL connected which indicates the ADSL signal is OK from Telecom. It then should indicate something like PPP1 PPPoA Connected and PPP PAP Authentication success ,which should be where your service is signingup/logging on to your ISP.

    Hope that helps in pointing you in the right direction.
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    Default Re: ADSL connection problem

    I'm not sure where to locate a log file but I gathered the folowing data under diagnostics:

    ATM Status
    [ SAR Counters ]
    inPkts = 0x00000133, inDiscards = 0x00000000
    inF4Pkts = 0x00000000, inF5Pkts = 0x00000000
    inDMATaskEnd = 0x00000000, inBufErr = 0x00000000
    inCrcErr = 0x00000000
    inBufOverflow = 0x00000000, inBufMaxLenErr= 0x00000000
    inBufLenErr = 0x00000000, inBufDescrOV = 0x00000000
    outPkts = 0x000002c7, outDiscards = 0x00000000
    outF4Pkts = 0x00000000, outF5Pkts = 0x00000000
    softRstCnt = 0x00000000

    ATM Loopback Test Success
    Start to reset ADSL
    Loading ADSL modem F/W...
    Reset ADSL Line Successfully!

    I am using my dial up connection to reply.

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