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    Exclamation Hard drive failure

    Friend has asked me to look at his compaq lappy (not that old).

    After the "compaq splash screen", get just a black screen and windows wont boot up, hard drive just makes a beep sound, then ckickedy click shaka shaka, then back to beep after a few secs, repeat ad nausaem. Cant even get safe mode.

    Tried booting from recovery disc, but it freezes when loading.

    Got into BIOS and ran a hard drive test using inbuilt tester, which came up with error/faulty drive.

    Booted with Maxtor Maxblast boot cd, and the 90 sec test on that would not finish, just froze up.

    Can I safely tell my mate his hard drive is puckarooed, or is there another test i should do?

    Any help appreciated.

    PS. Also tried a boot from Mepis live cd, which failed to completely boot, but which came up with errrors at start...
    "Buffer I/O error on device hda logical block 0"
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