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    Unhappy Black Screen / Auto Boot

    Hey everyone, thanks ahead of time for any responses. I'm completely perplexed at this point.

    I recently had to replace my motherboard, and the replacement went fine. System booted perfectly, and I installed Windows XP Pro. Following this, I proceeded to update all of the drivers. In the midst of updating my XP files, I was also updating my graphics card drivers (Radeon 9800 Pro). Suddenly, the screen froze. I didn't think anything of it, and reset the computer.

    Upon reboot, the screen is now completely black. Secondly, and more strangely, my computer will not respond to my power switch. The only way I can turn it off is by turning off the power supply. In addition to this, once the power supply is turned back on, the computer automatically starts and I'm left with a black screen and no way to turn it off.

    I'm completely lost. Any help is appreciated.


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    Default Re: Black Screen / Auto Boot

    Hello there. Is your computer monitor properly plugged into the back?


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    Default Re: Black Screen / Auto Boot

    How far does the machine get on bootup? Does it show the BIOS bootup screen and give the bootup beeps? Then, does it seem as if it is loading XP?

    If it seems as if it is loading XP, hit the F8 key while it is loading to get it into safe mode. This will give you back your screen and allow you to kill the 9800 dvrs. After this I don't know what you need to do. Try googling for info on this and what dvrs may be best to try.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Black Screen / Auto Boot

    For a start, I'd guess that the power switch is wrongly connected to the motherboard. Are the motherboards identical? If not, just putting the plugs in the same place might not be right. Check the manual.

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