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    Question Music from a 'media' CD!?!?

    Does any one know how to play the music on CDs that have media content on them as well?
    I have two CDs that have music on them when played on a CD player, but when I try to play them on my computer, they start a program that displays some Quicktime movies. I've tried going to 'My Computer' - right clicking on the 'E' drive (that's my CD player) then 'Explore', but all that is displayed are two files (1 x exe and another) plus a folder with the Quicktime movie/s in. No music files!!

    Any ideas??

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    Default Re: Music from a 'media' CD!?!?

    I have found that with CDs like that I just open my media player (Jet Audio Lite) and tell it to play the CD and it picks up the music tracks on the CD fine.

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