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    Default Cant hook up printer

    I have just bought a new dell computer.
    Went to hook up printer and scanner but it has no plugs on the back for it to hook into.
    Do I have to buy a new usb printer scanner? or is there a card I could buy that would fit in with plug on it.
    Would I need 2, 1 for printer 1 for scanner?
    I am quite attached to my HP 520 printer it is black only and I use to print invoices use colour it prints logo in colur. Also it only costs 15 to fill cartridge.

    THanks for any help you can give me.


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    Default Re: Cant hook up printer


    You can get Usb to Paralell Adapters , Which may be the easier option.

    DSE Usually have them?or I have seen them in there at times.

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