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    Smile Internet Network Gaming Help!

    hey all,
    i just ditched another forum site becasue they were treating me like cr4p
    hop its better here i buy PC WORLD every month its a great mag

    anyway i need help.

    me and a friend have one copy of a game called DoW or W40K: dawn of war
    we usually have lan battles at his house and we really want to play each other over the internet, only trouble is that i dont have the play disk because he has it at the moment.

    i have the game installed and it works without the disk (dont ask how)
    but im not able to play online

    i want to make a kind of internet LAN or something so that we can play over the internet

    thanks alot, SpooNz

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    Default Re: Internet Network Gaming Help!

    There may be some sort authentication process invloved in playing the game on-line over the Internet. With most games these days you need to have your own copy for multiplayer. Thus sadly, you may find that the only way to fix your problem is to purchase a 2nd copy of the game.



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