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    Default help with tv stuff

    hello, i am no tc expeert. recently moved into my new apartment to suddenly have found these ports instead of the standard normal TV jack... i cant seem to find anything that i can plug into it to watch tv

    pics here

    on top it says FTA, at bottom it says SAT...
    what kind of converter do i need???

    its like i need an adaptor to screw on etc..

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    Default Re: help with tv stuff

    Your location (including country) would be helpful, but these look like "F" connectors and Sat will probably be a satellite feed for which you will probably require a decoder.

    Being an apartment, the other will be a reticulated signal feed which could also require a decoder or subscription to access the signals. There is unlikely to be any "adapter" that will let you view normal free-to-air TV, but it is not impossible that there is free-to-air programming available.

    Ask a neighbour what the deal is.


    Billy 8-{)
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