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    Default virus query re networked computers

    Where 2 home computers using different o/s are networked: if one user gets a virus/trojan will it automatically end up on the o/s of the other computer or will it be localised until someone on the other computer does something stupid? I guess what I want to know is can the virus/trojan be dealt with before it does damage to the other computer.

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    Default Re: virus query re networked computers

    Well the only O/S that is going to be infect here is a Windows one but ... if it is some sort of worm (i.e. spreads by networks) then yep it could infect the other PC on the netowrk. This is why you use firewalls and install virus scanners even on macs (if you care about your Windows using friends).

    Hopefully a virus scanner will prevent execution of worms etc before they have a chance to spread though.
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    Default Re: virus query re networked computers

    Avast Pro has a network scan engine, which wld probably stop worms etc going thru a network. BUT this isnt free.

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    Default Re: virus query re networked computers

    if you have internet shareing (eg one pc connects to the net and the pc's connect through it) its possible to get infection on both if one pc goes to an infected site. i've had a case of this myself where the client pc went to an infected site but the server pc got infected (and no it wasn't a worm).
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    Default Re: virus query re networked computers

    Viruses spread only when you transfer files between computers, so there is a risk here if you habitually transfer files but not simply by netowkring. Other types of malware such as worms, however, may spread between computers via a network.

    This is not usually a major concern on home networks but may be for businesses running dozens of computers. Decent antivirus tools and regular backups should minimise the risk of damage.
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