Linux-Mandrake 6.5
Install problems

PC Specs;

ATX Via Apollo Pro 133 M/board,
Intel Celeron 466 processor,
128Mb PC100 SD Ram,
Fujitsu 8.4 Gb HDD
Magtron DX15F Monitor,
S3Trio 3d/2x Version 3 Graphics adaptor W/8Mb Ram, ( up to 1280x1024 24 bit)
PCI Yamaha S/card,
Sony CDU4811 48x CD Rom,
Mitsumi 4804TE CDWR
Generic 1.44Mb FDD
Windows 98SE
This PC is 6 mths old, all the components (except the monitor) were new at the time of purchase, it has no hardware conflicts. All of the above is fairly standard hardware, the unit was professionally built.
It operates in stand alone mode (no network) in a home user situation, Win98 runs ok, which means that it crashes and/or locks up 2 or 3 times a week ( but that's Windows for you). I carried out a thorough disk scan and a defrag prior to beginning the install.


Install proceeds normally, except that the probe does not detect my Graphics adapter.
When I select it from the list and specify my monitor, setup tells me that I must state the amount of RAM on the graphics adaptor, I select the 4Mb+ option as I have 8 Mb and choose 1024x768 Resolution (which I run on my Win98 system) the install concludes normally and reboots.

However when I login and type 'startx' to get to the GUI the server crashes and informs me that I have insufficient graphics memory to run the resolution I have chosen, the Graphics card listed at the top of the error message is correct, but the driver installed is for a 3D Virge adaptor and it is shown as having 0Mb Ram.

I have, to date, run the install seven times with the same result, I have tried specifying different cards/monitors/resolution rates without success. None of the websites I have visited in the last week have been much help, Mandrake Software don't seem to provide support any longer, for versions before 7

Any suggestions would be helpful as I am about ready to give up and write off the purchase price of the software,

My supplier will not give me a refund as the packaging has been opened, however He did attempt to 'reassure' me by telling me that 'EVERYONE we have sold it to has had problems, contact the manufacturer'!!!

A comforting thought from the same guy who extolled the virtues of Linux at the time of purchase (1 Month ago) with phrases like ' a breeze to install' 'Solid as a rock' etc etc etc.

Might be time for a bit of good old KIWI know-how


John G McGowan