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Thread: Microphone test

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    Default Microphone test

    I am trying to install a microphone/headset to my comp.
    Can anyone tell me how to check if the mike is working?. I am useing the two front plugs. I receive sound OK but can not be sure if the mike is doing it's job.
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    Default Re: Microphone test

    start...programs...accessories....entertainment... sound recorder.
    click on the red button speak into the mic then play back once finished
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    Default Re: Microphone test

    I think you may find that the front mic socket doesn't work properly - I had that issue with my previous computer, which I think had something to do with the way which the computer powered the electret mic.

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    Default Re: Microphone test

    Windows XP has it's own sound tester wizard. Go to Control Panel, click Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices (if in Catagory view) and open Sounds and Audio Devices. Then click the Voice tab (!? not designed very well IMO) and click Test Hardware.
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    Default Re: Microphone test

    I have windows vista and just bought a labtec mic. I tried the windows xp suggestion and went to control panel and it gives no choices. What should I do?

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    Default Re: Microphone test

    Run Skype or MSN and go through their voice/video testing process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbumpuertorico View Post
    I have windows vista and just bought a labtec mic. I tried the windows xp suggestion and went to control panel and it gives no choices. What should I do?
    Vista is dead easy - click start- in the search type in sound when sound recorder shows click it to open - and bingo one sound recorder.

    If the Mic's not working, in the search, this time type in speech Select Windows Speech Recognition Options - Top left Advanced Speech options - if you say something you should see a bar moving along the bottom - if not, then click on audio Input Double click Speakers - Levels Tab, and make sure the Mic is not muted - as long as its not it should work.
    If its still not working, Click on Recording Tab - Double click the Microphone / Custom Tab , tick Mic Boost, while there click on the Levels tab - and move the slider to suit.

    Now you'll prob get feed back as its to sensitive
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