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Thread: Driver problems

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    Default Driver problems

    Periodically my XP Windows crashes and the error is described as a driver problem. The subsequent analysis suggests that it might be recently installed drivers. However, how does one actually find all the drivers and if deletion is merited, how to delete them.


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    Well, you could do a System Restore back to before the problem started.
    Or go inot Device Manager and see if any drivers are marked as having a problem.
    Or just download a newer (or older if new was the problem) driver for the one you recently changed.

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    Device manager is in your computer propeties. Right click on 'My Computer' and go to Properties, then Hardware, then click on Device manager. If there is a yellow exclaimation mark on one of your hardware devices, then there is a driver issue. Now you have a few options, You can right click on the device with the issue and go to Properties, then click on the 'Driver' tab. Now you can either uninstall the driver, roll back, or update.

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