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    Default Media Player Playing up

    Think I have broken Media Player. Here is what happened
    1) Downloaded and installed Matroska pack for some mkv file, things were working fine with no problem playing any video files.
    2) Then when I tried to play an old video file (that I know needed AC3 filter to play), there was no sound (same symptom when I first encountered the problem ages ago)
    3)So I thought it may be a problem with Matroska since it was the last thing I did, then I uninstall it
    4)Problem still persist and what is worse is that now none of the video files can be played properly (no sound) Media player appears to be trying to download codecs then came back with error about downloading (GSpot came back with partial render failure), but all these files used to work with no problem. Some of the files which can be played in a DivX player plays normally but fail in Media Player.
    5) I re-install Matroska pack but that didn't fix anything.

    My hunch is that Media player is not picking any of the codecs that is already installed because it tries to download codec for every video file and failed to do it. Any ideas?


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    Default Re: Media Player Playing up

    Time for a


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    Default Re: Media Player Playing up

    Sorry I posted my reply in the wrong thread

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