I loaded MS Office professional edition 2003 reciently. I registered it online and it is a legal store baught item.

Trying to edit a 60 odd page document using word however is causing my computer to dramatically load up and the task manager is showing that virtually all of the load is coming from the MS word. The cursor is freezing for up to 5 or 6 seconds at a time and this is happening every 10 to 15 seconds (often more frequently)

When I shut off Word, system load sits around 1%. While editing the document, it rarely drops below 50% and is often close to 80%. It is a text document only.

My specs inc a P4 3.2GHz cpu and 2G DDR2 ram.

I have done a full virus check and it was clear. Can anyone tell me why my computer would be loading up so heavily when using MS word? I have no issues with any other programmes.

Thanks in advance.