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    Default OUTLOOK EXPRESS - Red crosses in received emails

    Hi All

    I consider myself reasonably experienced but this problem which started a few weeks back, has me puzzled.

    I subscribe to a large number of email newsletters and recently I started getting crosses instead of the normal images (probably GIF files)

    BTW: I am well aware of the OE security settings but they are fine

    Most emails from private sources with embedded or attached images seem fine and I can send myself emails with embedded GIF and JPG files and they come through OK

    I came across a Reg file that was supposed to fix this. I compared the entry with those in the registry but they were identical so I tried it, but still no effect.

    Does anyone have any thoughts.

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    Default Re: OUTLOOK EXPRESS - Red crosses in received emails

    On the off chance that someone is going to want to see a HJT file, please send a complete one and then the IT experts here will give you the help you need.

    Since you are most likely from near Australia, try this site ...the Australian site is in the list in the center INTERNODE or PLANETMIRROR are the two nearest you...don't bother with anything else on that page as it may be useless or worse.

    The advertisers don't have the scruples that HJT has.

    Be sure to save HJT in a non-temporary area; I set aside a folder called "Security Area" for just such things.

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