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    Default Only goes in safe mode ???

    I tried to start my PC and it shows the post ok then XP logo comes on and then the screen just goes blank as if i pulled the monitor plug out[ but the small green light down the bottom of the screen stays on, lit up green still.
    I restarted again pressed F8, tried " last known config that worked properly "
    and the same thing happens, just goes blank after the windows logo comes on.
    So i tried it Safe mode, it worked perfectly, but won't work on any other setting than safe mode, anyone got any ideas what could be causing this ?

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    Default Re: Only goes in safe mode ???

    This a CRT (box like) monitor?

    Sounds like the monitor is set with incorrect settings and turns itself off. While under Safe Mode, have a look at your Display Properties (under Control Panel). Put the monitor on reduced settings eg resolution 800x600, 16 or 8 millions of colours and check the refresh rate is low (60 Hz). You will find refresh rate under Display settings > Advanced > Monitor. This will make your screen look a tad ugly but it is only temporary. Now save the settings and reboot back into Normal mode and see if this helps. If it does, change the monitor settings back to the normal recommended settings for your monitor (refresh rate and resolution) and up the millions of colours setting. Click apply. Then reboot the machine again to make sure the monitor stays on.

    This could also be caused by a dodgy graphic driver, as only the standard Windows VGA driver gets loaded under Safe Mode.
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    Default Re: Only goes in safe mode ???

    Thankyou very much, i will give that a shot.

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