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    Default Laptop - Conserving Power

    I had posted awhile ago on laptop charging etc.

    i will be flying off on a flight to US next week and just want to know what all unecessary features i can turn off on my laptop to conserver power so it lasts as longs it can. i plan to use it for listening to music and watching maybe a dvd. It does not have music player mode like some laptops do so i will have to boot into windows.

    I will be turning down brightness and switching off wireless LAN/Bluetooth (i am guessing this reduces pwr)

    Will using the mouse pad instead of a USB mouse save pwr? i have looked at pwr settings to turn screen/hdd off etc. And doing hibernation instead fo shutdown also conserver pwr.

    Anything else other thing else i can do.

    I have a Sony VGN-FE15GP with NVidia GeForce Go 7400. Can i also tweak this graphics card?

    appreciate any suggestions


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    Default Re: Laptop - Conserving Power

    No thats about all you can do really!

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