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    Hi, I have some pictures that i would like to put into Windows Movie Maker but these pictures are in the format of Scrap Object. I was just wondering whether anyone knew of a program that would let me convert these files into a file type that WMM would recognise. Thanks.

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    Just a word of caution - scrap file types, with the extrension .shs (which is often hidden) are historically known to contain malicious code, as they can be masqueraded to look like something else. So unless you're 100% confident about the source of these files I'd advise caution.

    Reference here .
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    A friend sent me a Powerpoint presentation and I simply copied and pasted out of the slides. The pictures were not taken from the internet or anything like that they were taken from a single player game.

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    Well if u havent got PP and u can save it, it'll most probably not work properly anyway.

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    go back to the power point presentation and copy and paste those images into a photo editing program such as gimp, infranview or maybe even M$ Paint will do it, then save as jpg.
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