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    Default Unistalling NOD32 Problem


    I'm trying to uninstall NOD32 anti-virus from this computer but the problem is that there are no unistallation files on the computer.

    The program isn't in Add/Remove software and there is no uninstall file in the porgram files for NOD.

    I read the web site and they only said these two ways (add/remove settings & the uninstall folder in NOD's folder) but nothing is there. Any ideas?



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    Default Re: Unistalling NOD32 Problem

    Why would you want to uninstall it? Update it instead.

    If it has lost its uninstall, then you will have to do it manually. Delete its folder from the HDD then go through the registry removing every instance of NOD32 it finds.

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    Default Re: Unistalling NOD32 Problem

    I do want to uninstall it.

    I can't delete the files because it is running in windows and when I try to end the task, it just re-runs it again.

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    Default Re: Unistalling NOD32 Problem

    you may have to run the installer. some will give you an optoin to uninstall or just install it then uninstall it.
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