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    Default two operating systems

    i have two hard there a way of installing windows on one and linux on the other and swapping btwn the two whenever i feel like it? if so how?

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    Default Re: two operating systems

    Yes, you have two ways of doing this.

    Dual boot. Install Windows first and then install Linux. Depending upon your drive size you can either put both OSs on the first drive and use the second drive formatted with FAT32 as a shared storage drive. This drive can be accessed by both OSs. You could also instead install Windows on one drive, and Linux on the other.

    Use removable drive caddy's. You install each drive into the caddy tray and physically swap them around. No dual booting as you only plug in the OS you wish to boot. No shared common drive though.

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    Default Re: two operating systems

    As I have shown in a rather long and tiring post or two on this site, I have one (1) successful dual-boot install on one of my computers.

    I have XP-Pro on the root drive and also installed Meppis by using GRUB, not Lilo, as the tool to make it all work. I have two hdds on this computer; the root has XP on it, naturally, and for the life of me (noob problem here so far) I cannot tell you where Meppis is installed. I believe it is on the second drive and that GRUB just make a little program in the root drive to point to Meppis, allowing the dual boot.

    When I see the rootdrive using XP's utilities, I don't notice any loss of space on the drive at all, but I cannot detect the second drive where I wanted Meppis to go, so it must be there.

    The default (if I do nothing at the start screen), is to go to Meppis. I can live with that.

    That computer is a Dell beige tower with a P-III processor, 512 RAM, 750mhz.

    All went very well and easy-to-do this install, and I like it a lot.

    The other (failure) was trying to install KUBUNTU on another computer with an AthlonXP, 2g RAM, JBOD's with an ULTRA EIDE card and two ULTRA hdds on it. The total hardrive count is 9, the smallest (40g) is the root for XP-Pro, (the others are all 200g) and K drive with it's brother J on the ULTRA EIDE card is where I tried to put KUBUNTU....BAD IDEA!!!! I don't know what failed but there are a lot of ideas.

    I really like the looks of KUBUNTU/Live!, and dearly wanted to make a hdd install. It didn't work.

    Of the distros I tried so far (Knoppix, Meppis, KUBUNTU) I don't care for Knoppix at all. It looks clumsy and slow...but that might be the Live! disk made it so. I was not impresssed by the graphics either, although during boot it is very colorful.

    Meppis runs and will probably be the vehicle on which I learn more about Linux systems.

    I wish I had a running version of KUBUNTU though.

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    Default Re: two operating systems

    Most flavours of Linux will set themselves as the default OS to boot, but if this isn't what you want it's easily changed (with GRUB - I don't know about LILO). Just edit the boot list (usually /boot/grub/menu.lst) as root. Change the 'default' setting to the image you want to boot - for example if it's set to '0' it will boot the first item on the list by default, but if you set to '2', it will boot the third item by default.

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    Default Re: two operating systems

    It's easily changed in lilo too. Of course. Linux is an operating system. It's made so people can use a computer. man lilo.conf will tell you more than you want to know ... just using a text editor on /etc/lilo.conf will probably make all clear. ("default= ...") . The only trick with lilo is that you have to run /sbin/lilo after making any changes; GRUB reads its configuration file at boot time.

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