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    Default defragmenter deleted temp folder

    Running Windows 98
    Disk defragmenter usually takes ages but this time took 50mins.
    To stop problem of it restarting cause of the Screen save,
    I just reset it to come on after 1hr
    Appeared to go okay amnd finish.
    But when I went back in history of yesterday & today, though the
    link name & address are there, all my "temp int files" have gone,
    cookies, the lot.
    People keep saying u must of done "Disk clean up" but I know I didnt,
    plus the recycle bin was not touched its still has things in it, so does temp folder.
    Im sure Disk defra doesn’t normally get rid of temp int files. Or have I just forgotten
    Any ideas??

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    Default Re: defragmenter deleted temp folder

    I have never heard of this happening before but it is generally a good idea to empty out the temp files, history, etc before doing a defrag anyway.

    Was there a reason you didn't want this happening?

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    Default Re: defragmenter deleted temp folder

    not to suprised tho i havn't seen it happen. assuming you use IE, ie has a few bugs with cacheing and often the space on the hardrive dosn't match the temp file. the first part of defrag is a harddrive cheack so i guess it found the file was basicly incorrect and wiped it.
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