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Thread: Unstable CPU

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    Default Unstable CPU

    I have bought my CPU pentium 4 3E GHz with Gigabyte 8IPE1000 Pro-G mother board one year ago, It works well until one month ago, since a month ago my cpu is turned off in the middle of the operation usually when I use it very much, I also check my cpu temp, and it is normal, even I checked my motherboard, power supply and Hard drive, they are also working well.
    I dont know why the CPU is going unstable.
    If anyone knows the problem please let me know.

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    Default Re: Unstable CPU

    Hello there. Could you please further explain what do you mean by "CPU is turned off in the middle of the operation"? Have you overclocked your CPU?


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    Default Re: Unstable CPU

    How do you know its the CPU thats unstable?
    Its more likely to be something else (unless you have overclocked it or know its overclocked).
    Are you getting any errors, is it happening within a certain time period of startup?

    More info please
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    Default Re: Unstable CPU

    Quote Originally Posted by ataeft
    my cpu is turned off in the middle of the operation .
    I think you mean the entire PC reboots or switches off?

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