Ok so AllofMP3.com think The Beatles have three albums in the top five of all time http://music.allofmp3.com/awards/awards_500.shtml

But NME http://www.nme.com/news/oasis/23227 top twenty has four beatles albums in it. What's with all this Beatle mania??

Right now I think Stars of CCTV by HARD-Fi is the best album of all time, well until next week anyway. I have all the top twenty NME ones except the Joshua tree, so I might yet have to get my first U2 album (then again they're suspect aren't they??)

Twenty years since The Queen Is Dead came out - now there was a real classic that will definitely make my top ten along with at least one Cure album.

I'm going to have to get all 500 albums to see what I think - but hey they're cheap enough at those prices.