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    Help. PLEASE
    I bought an ADSL2MUE Modem and a WRT54GX-- three antenna's Wireless-G Broadband Rourer with SRX recently.
    I try to build a wirless network for my warehouse, but no luck.
    My comp is windows XP pro SP2
    ADSL2MUE -- Software version 4.17-NZ
    WRT54GX -- firmware 2.00.14

    I follow the instuction.
    1. Connect the modem to computer with Ethernet method -my ISP(Telecom's Xtra)
    --type at web browser to configure
    --use RFC2364PPPoA and type login name and password
    --test internet working fine

    2.Insert the Router's cd to CD-Rom
    step 1. Before you connect the Router-- I notice that you can't go to step 2, if your internet not connectted.
    Step 2 --> step6
    Step 7. Check the Router's Status
    Then there is no Step 8
    Step 9. Set the router's password
    Then after Step12. Save setting
    I have a popup windows
    "The computer is not connected to the Internet. Please check you settings in step 8" -- then stop over there

    Can someone give me a hint, I will be very appreciated.
    I am waiting LINKSYS Tech Support, too.

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    I got reply from LINKSYS, as following:
    The ADSL2MUE and WRT54GX have the capability to share Internet connection on multiple computers using only one IP address from the Internet Service Provider (ISP). You only need only one DHCP server on your network. To avoid conflict, you have to turn off the DHCP server capability of the WRT54GX.

    To properly connect the WRT54GX to the ADSL2MUE that acts as the gateway, follow the steps below:
    1. Try to isolate your WRT54GX first by disconnecting everything from it and connect a computer to port 1. Make sure that the power cord is plugged in.
    2. Reset the router. Hold the reset button at the back of the second router for ten seconds.
    3. From the computer, open an Internet Explorer browser and type on the address field. Leave username blank and type admin on password.
    4. Click on setup tab and change the LAN IP address to then save the settings. Note that, it won't go back to the setup page. You may close your browser.
    5. Access the new IP address of the second router. Type on the address bar. Look for DHCP server under the setup page. Disable the DHCP then save the settings.
    6. Shut down the computer and power down the second router. Now, get an Ethernet cable and plug one end to one of the four ports at the back of the WRT54GX. Plug the other end to the Ethernet port of the ADSL2MUE. Then, turn on the WRT54GX. It should be ready to provide connectivity now.

    The network is working now. Good night

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