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    Default kde 3.5.2 not saving settings

    upgraded to newest kubuntu dapper
    so kde's updated too

    now..i can't seem to save settings
    eg. konqueror can't remember what i want my toolbars to be like
    and konsole can't remember that i want the tabs toolbar on top not bottom

    i'm guessing something to do with config files not being written properly or don't have right permission to write it..
    but that's just a guess and i don't even know where to start to look for those files and change their permissions..


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    Default Re: kde 3.5.2 not saving settings

    Try renaming the existing ~/.kde file to .kde-original. Log out of X. When you log back in again a new .kde will be created. See if this now allows you to change settings. If it does, try copying from .kde-original the share folder and put it in ./kde/share so that you can retain all your app settings. Check again to make sure you can make changes and they save.

    If none of this works, then put back the orginal .kde folder.

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