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    Angry Powerquest Drive Image 5.0 deletion problem

    I am trying to delete images off my PC. I've got XP SP2 running, with NTFS partitions.
    It keeps saying 'error 1810: Image file could not be accessed'.
    I booted into safe mode as administrator but no luck,
    then I used the boot diskettes to try and remove it thru DOS but there is no remove function.
    I have tried to find a step by step removal procedure but nothing works.
    The last thing I want to do is have to reformat my drive.

    Also could someone make a recommendation for an image backup program which is easy to use and restore?
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    Default Re: Powerquest Drive Image 5.0 deletion problem

    So, you can see this file(s) you want to delete? If so and you then get this message try running chkdsk. That will fix any problems with file structure stuffups.
    As for DOS. You need NTFSDOS.

    And of course you'll need to know the commands to remove files. Typing HELP should show you the list.

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