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Thread: Web site help.

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    Default Web site help.


    I have recently been volunteered to be the new webmaster of my church's website.

    Problem is, I have very little knowledge of anything 'web'.

    I managed to change the old site from a rather dreary 'purple on white' appearance to something that looks a bit more sophisticated using a template from

    I have managed to copy the content from the old website to this template, but I am having trouble with formatting etc.

    I really have very limited knowledge of html and so the source will probably look a mess to most of you.

    I have been using <br></br> quite a lot, as I don't know what else to use for formatting text etc.

    Problem number 1) The main page.

    The image that is being used as a 'header' seems to space oddly when viewing in internet explorer (looks fine in firefox). Can someone help me with some better formatting?

    Problem Number 2) The 'What's On' Page.

    This page needs to be updated weekly and at the moment I am editing the source code to update it. Is there a better way to do this?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Default Re: Web site help.

    Hey hey. Nautica 2.2 Liquid. I coded that

    Here is some an updated template. The one on hasn't been updated yet for some reason.

    I believe this version fixes the IE bug you where talking about, but I didn't quite understand you. Check the new version in IE, and see if it is ok.

    Sorry about letting that IE bug through

    I have also added a 'sticky footer' to the new version. The footer will now always be at the bottom of the window.

    I will answer the rest of your questions shortly, I am being called for dinner.

    Thanks for using our (I coded, Nautica designed) template.

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    Default Re: Web site help.

    Not quite sure what the problem is..
    You may find the issue in the CSS code ("style.css"). Maybe you need to strictly define widths and heights? Dunno..
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    Default Re: Web site help.

    <br></br> is not right. It should be <br />

    But instead of using <br />, use <p>you paragraph text goes here</p>. Using the <p> tag creates paragraphs of text.

    Unless you want to actually just finish a line of text, and go to the next line, then yes, <br /> is fine.

    e.g. This is fine:
    <p>This text line will end right now<br />
    yadayadda some more text here, making up a paragraph of whatever you want to say</p>
    I have just looked at your code, and have some tips.

    Here is an example of better html:

    You have
    <img src="images/header.png" width=622 height=163 border=0>
    Thanks for dropping by!
    Check the menu for details of all thats going on at St Davids.
    1. all attributes should be enclosed by quotes e.g width="622" not width=622
    2. You don't need border=0

    A better way to have done that code fragment would be:
    You have
    <p><img src="images/header.png" width="622" height="163"></p>
    <p>Thanks for dropping by!<br />
    Check the menu for details of all thats going on at St Davids.</p>
    Yes, there is a better way to update your website than edit the code. It is called a Content Mangagement System (CMS). There is a nice simple one called sNews.

    I will convert N2.2Liquid to work in sNews for you. Be aware that this might take about 2 weeks, since I have a uni assignment.

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