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    Default Task Tray Icons Appear And Reappear On Startup

    hey team

    running winxp sp2 and some of my task tray icons disappear on some startups and others they dont. Very annoying . How do i fix this? The volume icon seems to be the most obvious disappearing one.

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    Default Re: Task Tray Icons Appear And Reappear On Startup

    I am sure this issue has been mentioned several times on PressF1. Have you tried google out for any solutions? may have some advice.


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    Default Re: Task Tray Icons Appear And Reappear On Startup

    Are you referring to the systray icons (next to the clock)? Have you got a small arrow next to the icons? If you click on that can you see the lost icons? If you can, you can stop certain icons from auto-hiding in the systray.

    Right click on a free space on the task bar and select Properties. On the Taskbar tab click the Customise button at the bottom. You will see all the icons listed and using the drop-drop menu you can select what sort of actions you would like to have with your current items eg, always hide, always show, and hide when inactive.

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    Default Re: Task Tray Icons Appear And Reappear On Startup

    Give this a try.Its worked on this problem before and should stop your icons from coming and going at startup.

    Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add Remove/ on the left hand side click on Add/Remove Windows Components and untick Networking Services and then reboot.
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