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    Default Broadband Ethernet Card

    Going Broadband, older computer needs Ethernet card, proposing to use DSE PCI Card 10/100/1000Mbps XH8266. Appreciate any comments from any users or alternatives.
    Computer Spec, Win XP with SP2 fully updated, 2 X hard drives 40GB and 80GB, 768 RAM, MB Chaintech 7SID 133MHz (DDR) chipset SiS737, CPU 1.4GHz Athlon XP, Video Adaptor Asus V7100 Pro/51416, Display NVIDEA GeForce Mx/MX400

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    Default Re: Broadband Ethernet Card

    broadband doesn't need such fast speeds
    but if do get a gigabit card that will be more futuer proof
    since the comp seems still usable for a while..compared to mine not that old..
    you might want to get a gigabit card although it doubles the $$ you have to spend compared to 10/100

    if u have several computers and they also got gigabit ethernet cards
    then get XH8266 since it can utilize the full speed of the network
    if you don't actually network computers at all 10/100mbps will be okay

    also if you're going broadband, is you only have one comp
    some adsl modem can have connect through usb which won't require a ethernet card at all
    and if you do have more than one comp..even if you do get a gigabit card and other computers don't..then you can't use the full speed either..

    ..felt like i typed a lot of junk..i'll stop now

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    Default Re: Broadband Ethernet Card

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankS
    Going Broadband, older computer needs Ethernet card, proposing to use DSE PCI Card 10/100/1000Mbps XH8266. Appreciate any comments from any users or alternatives.
    Obviously from the William Shatner school of writing a post, or there was a shortage of pronouns.

    Ethernet cards have been around for so long, excluding Gigabit, that it's not worth investing in anything expensive. I think DSE uses the Realtek chipset, I believe, which is as generic as it comes.

    If money's burning a hole in your pocket, check out 3Com's line of NIC's. I guess it's worth mentioning, most NIC's use some of the CPU resources, except for very expensive ones.

    I'd stay away from adsl modem cards. I'm a little paranoid, and it's a little too close to the Internet, and prevents you from installing a traditional hardware based firewall.

    Linksys and D-Link both make fine firewalls, for around $100. Think of it as a cheap form of insurance.
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    Default Re: Broadband Ethernet Card

    as already mentioned any ethernet card will do....even a an old 10mb one !

    if you are buying an adsl modem stear clear of usb ones, they are not ardware based and being usb can be troublesome at times. nothing much wrong with internal ie pci ones. firewall is not a big issue as you will be running a software one in any case.

    best nics....3Coms and intell
    Tweak it till it breaks

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    Default Re: Broadband Ethernet Card

    I have been useing a Genica 10/100 PCI ethernet card for 18 months. Cost $9 no problems. Uses a Genica GN-788 chipset whatever that means.


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    Default Re: Broadband Ethernet Card

    Thanks for comments. Appreciate the XH8266 is way faster than needed but it can always be reused at a later date. Somewhat amused at the lack of pronouns comment, in the past drafted technical signals that had to tapped out by Morse, minimum words, clearly understandable. Old habits die hard.

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    Default Re: Broadband Ethernet Card

    Exactly how much is this Dick smith card? I suspect that you are being ripped, you can get a Gbit NIC for as little as $30

    Getting a Gbit network card does not mean your are "future proof" let me elaborate:

    For full Gbit network speed you need a MANAGED Gbit switch, these cost thousands and are only used by people that can afford such equipment (like multinational corporations) a cheap shelf Gigabit switch will be barely faster then a shelf 100Mbit switch.

    You can get a 100Mbit NIC for about $12, save your cash and get one of those instead.

    Also, someone mentioned not getting an internal DSL modem because you can't install a "hardware" firewall, if you get an external ADSL modem (non USB) the modem does something called "NAT" or Network address translation, this in itself is a basic firewall, and you don't really need a hardware firewall.

    NAT translates your local IP in to an Internet IP and vica versa, when you send a request out to the internet, the NAT changes your local IP to an internet IP on the packet sent to the internet, when the request eturns, NAT will remember and change the internet IP back to the local IP and deliver the message to your PC.

    What this means is that unsolicited information from the net will be unable to get through.

    The basic premise of a firewall is to stop unsolicited traffic getting in to your network, and NAT is fully capable of doing this.

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    Default Re: Broadband Ethernet Card

    If you have a wireless router you could also purchase a usb wireless adaptor which plugs straight into your usb port of your pc and presto wireless internet.

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    Default Re: Broadband Ethernet Card

    Standard ADSL can only go up to what? 8/9 Mbit anyway, so I don't think you need any more than a 10mb card at the moment (for the modem anyway), although for normal Lan definently 100mb or more.

    Those cheap generic 100/1000 mb NIC's with the realtek chipset are just another way to badly lag your computer. they are nearly all software powered and waste a lot of cpu time when transferring large amounts of data (my personal experience has found this to be very annoying)

    You can get a good 100mb hardware powered Nic off trademe for about the same as the realtek (usually less)

    look for ones that are older, and are more than 3cm wide.....
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