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    Default Program for removing obselete drivers, codecs etc


    What program(s) do people reccommend for completely removing old drivers, codecs programs etc.

    Lately I've been having some problems with certain media players/file types. Some players would display the picture but no sound (WMP9 for example) irrespective of file type ie, mpeg, avi, wmv while some would only have sound.

    I suspect there is a conflict somewhere. Uninstalling the players and reinstalling didn't fix the problems and I don't want to reformat if I can help it.

    I recently downloaded vlc which is very good and seems to play every type of file I throw at it.

    Therefore I want to get rid of old, unnecessary codecs etc and hopefully fix the problems associated with other players.



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    Default Re: Program for removing obselete drivers, codecs etc

    Drivercleaner Pro should fix / remove the videocard drivers.

    You have to uninstall whatever video drivers that are installed now.

    Install Drivercleaner. Reboot. Boot into safe mode and run drivercleaner.

    And select the make of driver (Nvidia/ATI etc). It'll remove all video driver files / entries.

    Just make sure you dont select the wrong drivers (I think some of the entries you can select in Drivercleaner relate to mobo drivers).

    Then reinstall the latest version of the video drivers. I dont know what program removes codecs however.

    If you've uninstalled whatever codec programs, you could try deleting the folders that it / they created, then get ccleaner

    Install this, run it and click on scan for issues. (after you've deleted the above folders). And remove everything ccleaner brings up.
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    Default Re: Program for removing obselete drivers, codecs etc

    Cheers Speedy

    I regularly use ccleaner, and scan for issues. It hadn't fixed the problem, but I'll dig deeper and make sure all unnecessary folders are gone first.


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