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Thread: pen testing?

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    Default pen testing?

    Sorry for this being a very simple question; but i couldn't find a definition of what pen testing actually is.

    From what I can make out, its basically security auditing?

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    Default Re: pen testing?

    The "pen" seems to be an abbreviatioin for "penetration". "pen test" to Google will assist. "pen test site:edu" will find some more links for tests not associated with computer network security. There's a historic device called a "pen" which was popular before computers were invented.

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    Default Re: pen testing?

    it the nice kind of hacking :-)

    I run a company, it is connected to the internet.

    I pay $5000 to a "white hat" hacker.
    the hacker spend a few weeks trying to get in to my systems.
    at the end of it i get many pages of reports as to things that need to be fixed to stop "black hat" hackers form doing the same.

    white hat.,00.html

    black hat.,00.html

    on a side note there are also grey hat hackers who can be either white or black.

    if you realy want to know about pen testing.
    Kevin Mitnick's book The Art of Intrusion

    Kevin Mitnick was a black hat and now he is a white hat.

    if you are thinking of get someone to do pen testing and they dont find ayn way in and have no improvments then thay dident do a good job.
    there is always another way to get in, the aim of pen testing is to make it so hard that the hacker give up.
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