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    Default Conspiracy theory anyone

    Apparently Charlie Sheen is causing a ruckus in the states by questioning what happened in the 9/11 attacks. Here's a link if you're interested

    I don't know what I think about it but it is interesting that major news sites are avoiding or refusing to publish anything related to the subject

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    Default Re: Conspiracy theory anyone

    Nah, his popularity is going down and the only way to get it up is to cause a lot of buzz.
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    Default Re: Conspiracy theory anyone

    Is that the person who said that the Pentigon was hit by a misile fired by a drone rather than a 757?

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    Default Re: Conspiracy theory anyone

    Not sure if Charlie Sheen said that but I am having a conspiracy theory browsing session tonight and it seems that a few people are saying something along those lines. Esp since (apparently) all of the video footage of any camereas near the pentagon crash site have been confiscated and only 5 frames of film have ever been released...gotta wonder why. Theres speculation that those frames have been altered as well which is interesting. Another thing Im finding out is that the supposed hijackers of the aircraft on 9 11 keep turning up alive

    Another interesting site Ive found is The guy who runs it seems a bit crazy but all the reading Ive been doing tonight has got me thinking what if, especially all the stuff about the patriot act.

    Anyway, Im not saying I believe this theory but the things Im reading have certainly got me thinking.

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    Default Re: Conspiracy theory anyone

    i saw a tv doco about this theory whilst in aussie over the new year.
    i'm scared to say i'm pretty well convinced. i usually write this stuff off as bs, and i did, but after watching it and reaseaching i realised there is no real evidence supporting the official story.... especially in light of eyewitnesses identifying the aircraft as military, and hearing detonations in the lower floors as the towers fell. note ALL SEVEN of them fell (i think it was seven)

    really it's quite scary that the us government would do such a thing in order to start a war to get at some oil...

    i really would like to see a independant investigation, and if the us govt denies such an action, well what does that tell us?
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    Default Re: Conspiracy theory anyone

    Another interesting thing i read is that about a month after 9/11 the Patriot act was introduced. Considering the size of the document and its contents Iv'e read that a legal document of that size and nature would take months if not years to write and put together. Seeing how the bush administration says the Patriot act was written after 9/11 because of what happened on that fatefull day it leaves me with at least a couple of questions.

    1; How could they write a document of that size and nature so fast considering all the legal issues it contains. (Maybe they had already wrtten the patriot act and were waiting for an "incident" to happen so they could rush it through unchallenged while the public were shocked and dazed about such an insident). Most of your average american citizens still don't realise how much freedom they've lost through the introduction of the patriot act.

    3; If no such incident had happened would the Patriot Act have ever been introduced?. (I very much dought it. The american public would never of agreed to giving up so much of their freedom and rights)

    There's also a lot of other questions that i and other concerned people are still waiting for answers too from the bush (regime) government. If they could give the american people and the people of the world some real answers instead of all the lies and crap they're trying to feed us then maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't be making as many enermies at the rate they are. Mind you, I very much dought that bush gives a cr@p about you or me anyway cause a president of the usa is only allowed to serve two terms in office. He can't run for presidency again since he's on his second term now. He's had his time at the top. He's made alot of money for himself and his buddies, set up big contracts in places like iraq, afganistan etc so the money will be rolling in for them for years to come.

    More questions I'd like to see answered are....
    If all of the so called hijackers were Saudi's then why did they, the US and it's allies, attack Afganastan and Iraq?

    If they say they were looking for weapons of mass destruction in iraq then why are they taking as much as iraq's oil as they can?. Was it the oil that the yanks really wanted?

    Saddam may have been a dictator/butcher of the iraqi peoples but he was a very good friend to donald rumsfeld, george bush snr and the american government at the same time he was carrying out alot of these atrocities. Now that he's past his use by date do the politicians in the west really believe that they can replace him with a nicer, more politically correct, and fairer government?. Some how i don't think so. The moslem peoples of these countries are very religious and tribal. They have been fighting each other for centries. Thinking that we can change them into a democratically elected country so they can be "just like us" is a big ask in my books.

    If the american government was really trying to be the world police like they think they are then they should be really trying to sort out the problems between Israel and Palistine. Most of the troubles in the world originate from or are the result of the on going problems between these two countries. ( If i had my way i would split all the land down the middle, give one half to the Palestinians and the other half to the Israeli's and make every religious place within the two countries a world heritage site that is owned by the people of the world and accessable by any person of any race) But that would probably start another fight

    Back to the 9/11 questions i'd like to see answered.....
    Why didn't the airforce get sent up to investigate the planes that were possibly being hijacked when communiction was lost with them as is the normal proceedure in circumstances like that. (When communication was lost with that plane carrying pro golfer Pane Stewart the air force had two planes fly up and intercept it in a matter if minutes and the air force planes stayed with it the whole time till it crashed all the time trying to communicate to anyone on/in the unresponsive plane. They also video taped the whole event for evidentual purposes and some of the tape footage was shown on the news.


    Why did the twin towers that were built strong enough to withstand planes crashing into them collapse after being hit by planes?

    and another thing....
    How is it possible that someone as stupid as george w bush who when interviewed when first running for president could not name hardly any,if any at all, of the Prime ministers or presidents of the countries of the world when quite a few 12 year old school children when asked the same questions could give the answers to quite a few?.
    If a complete moron like george w bush can be the leader of the most powerfull country in the world then i wonder who is really running the show?.

    How is it that the american people could be duped so easily in the first election that made that idiot president. Why was it that Florida's votes, (Florida that just happeneds to be goverened by george w's brother jeb bush), weren't counted till after California's votes had been counted even though Florida is on the east coast side of america and should of been one of the first states to have their votes counted and California one of the last.

    And so on and so on....

    But i think the most important question that one should ask is who benefits from what has happened.
    When you see who will benefit the most from what has happened then the reason for it happening is usually a lot clearer to you (It's the same method the police use to solve a lot of crimes)
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    Default Re: Conspiracy theory anyone

    crikey, big post lazydog. I can answer your question about why the planes didnt intercept the airliners. Apparently the majority of planes were "away" on training exercises so planes from further away had to be sent. These planes only travelled at 25% of there maximum speed. Theres a whole heap to read here

    Also seems like the US Forces were standing by to invade Afghanistan before 9/11

    Anyway after hours of reading Im starting to question my own sanity for having spent so much time reading about it.

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    Default Re: Conspiracy theory anyone

    Everything that happens i the US is a conspiracy...

    Was there a man on the grassy knoll..

    Did NASA really get a man to walk on the moon..

    Did Bill Clinton really smoke 'THAT' cigar..
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    Default Re: Conspiracy theory anyone

    You need to watch 911 In Plane Sight, 911 Loose Change 2nd Edition and 911 Eyewitness documenteries. I also thought that it must all be bs but after seeing all the evidence in those docos...

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    Thumbs down Re: Conspiracy theory anyone

    I can't believe anyone can swallow this codswallop conspiracy theory! But I suppose there are always gullible people out there who WANT to believe rubbish like this. Every one of lazydog's questions have been answered if he'd care to research the facts - and poor old Charlie Sheen must have taken a real dive in the ratings lately to try and stir up this lot.

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