Im wanting to know does anyone have a problem using ihugs accelerator program?
A good friend of mine uses ihug & the accelerator...i dont like the program myself i tried it once and had a lot of problems with it timing out webpages.
I use xtra broadband now but i recently took my modem up to his place and connected it to his pc. I connected using my xtra log in and connected at a normal healthy speed of over 40. I then logged into his ihug and connected at the same great speed. He has had months of being unable to view webpages, download mail etc as connects only at speeds of 14 - 21.
We came to the conclusion after my modem ran fine that his modem was the problem so he pulled mine out of my computer and replaced it into his and hey presto he finally got speeds of over 40 using his ihug connection.
Since returning home hes still complaining that hes gone back to timing out & slow webpages even tho hes still connected at over 40. I really believe its his accelerator but cant seem to convince him - im just the dumb blonde chick!
This morning i tested his modem (which is now sitting in my pc) as i have to use dial up for 3 weeks as im shifting to a new house and its going to take xtra that long to get my broadband back in place and i connected using his modem at 40. Can anyone give me any suggestions or perhaps back me up that ihug accelerator really could be the problem! lol.
Or am i really barking up the wrong tree here?
Cheers Dee