I am after a tool to clean up file association. (they aren't invalid, just not the program I prefer to use).

Or another possibility is to remove every file association so that Windows can ask me which program to assign to that given file extension.

Reason being is I've had numerous programs claim file associations that when removed or another program installed which also handles it has been installed, I'm either left with the wrong program associated with that file extension.

Also they aren't invalid associations, otherwise that would have made it easier for me to clean, but the programs still exist, just I rather use a different program.

It's mostly my fault why Windows got like this, when installing programs they usually have a file association menu, which I bypass without reading it and only when I launch a program that does not load in my preferred application, that's when I know I stuffed it up.

I could just manually go through the whole lot, but there's quite a few I need to change, so I rather do it when it occurs or use a tool to quickly change them.

Thanks in advance.