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    Question PORTS: Should they be "closed" or "stealthed"

    I was wondering if anyone could kindly explain what is really meant by the ports being closed as opposed to stealthed.

    At the "Shields Up!" web site, on checking my common ports I received the message that the scan had "failed" since one of my ports was closed but not stealthed.

    The port referred to was number 0.

    On previous occasions when I have logged onto this site I have not had this response IE all my ports were stealthed on other occasions.

    I use a D-Link router to connect to the internet and on discussing this issue with the D-Link help desk, the technician informed me that this was of no consequence.

    My question is: Is this of any security significance and if so, how do I change my settings to "stealth" the port?

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: PORTS: Should they be "closed" or "stealthed"

    People get "excited" about stealthing ports over closed ports. Stealthed ports just simply drop the traffic without giving a response, whereas closed ports reply with "nothing to see here fool".

    For a sample flame war over it all read this

    Port 0 is reserved I believe, but maybe they are refering to ICMP (a.k.a. ping) here...
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    Default Re: PORTS: Should they be "closed" or "stealthed"

    stealth is a bit better but not by much.

    think of a door......
    open is a open door, hackers can get in
    closed is a closed door and the hackers cant get in.
    stealth is a door that is hidden in such a way the the hackers dont know about it at all.

    an open port will let another computer connect.
    a closed port will say NO to a connection
    a stealth port will not respond at all as if there was no computer at the other end.
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