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    Default osx installing updates, admin password needed

    imac bondi blue
    192mb ram
    20Gb harddrive
    233 processor

    osX 10.1


    The problem is this I click on the updates button in the control panel, i enter my password (I am admin level) and it shows me an update (unfrtunately it is the wrong update it requires 10.1.1, and i only have 10.1) I click update and it takes me to the download page, which has a link on it to the correct version for my OS (10.1),
    i download the correct version and it appears as a dmg file on my desktop, i double click on it and it gets mounted but when i click on the file inside (an installer package think) it tells me I can't install as it needs an admin password

    The problem is this, there is no where to enter the admin password, i am given no option or anything like that

    I have had a look at the apple site, but everything seems to state that it is a point and click affair, which it isn't for me,

    i think this update is the one that changes the way the update mechanism works

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Default Re: osx installing updates, admin password needed

    Personally I think you are wasting your time with 10.1 It was never that good and most software doesn't work on it properly.

    Upgrade to 10.2 at least (yeah I know it costs some $$$).
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