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    Default Aussie Broadband Plans

    I have had a quick look at plans in Australia and the plans we have in New Zealand are not too dissimilar. i.e. Data Caps, upload restrictions, and speed slowdowns when exceeding caps.

    Mainstream Providers

    Telstra Big Pond and Telecom Xtra

    Other AUS Providers, like Dodo Australia has a 70 MB Cap !?!? for $9.90.

    While we are compared with UK, USA, etc. , it must be remembered that we really should be compared to Australia. Similar issues are found their, i.e. sparsely spread populations, suburban spaces, smaller market, distance from main internet content providers. There must be similar infrastructure

    While we are doing our Telecom bashing, think about our poor souls in Australia who weem to have as bad a deal as us.
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    Default Re: Aussie Broadband Plans

    Or, as good, considering the geographical constraints.

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