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    I have a microsoft window 2000 and my printer is HP3845. I think someone has uninstalled. I have tried to re install it but it is asking for the installation disc but I dont have it. Is there a way of doing it? I have also tried to install it manually but on the list of computers there is no PH3845 on the manufacturers models. Please help.

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    Had the same problem with a new(?) setup a friend wanted for his system...he wanted 2000Pro, and I could not get a driver for the same printer, try as I might to download one. Then I had a great idea.

    I just shut down, unplugged the printer, rebooted, ran a few minutes doing other things, shut down again and replugged the printer into the port, and re-booted. Then I let the wizard "find" the new hardware and it was up and running...then went to Windows update, clicked on CUSTOM and got an updated driver from M$.

    BTW: don't click the little balloon away when the wizard finds a new piece of will probably corrupt the installation. Just let the ballon go away itself. I have clicked them away prematurely in the past and had troubles with the installation. I just leave them alone now and things work better.

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