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    Cool RS485 port on my PC?!

    Can someone help on this one well outside my area!
    How can I get an RS485 port on my PC?! Need it to try out a new security camera settings.
    Is it possible to get a DVR card with attached RS485 ports?!
    Many thanks
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    Default Re: RS485 port on my PC?!

    Īt looks as if there isn't an easy (and cheap) way to connect RS485 to an RS232 port. With RS422 (as used on the Mac serial ports) it's just a matter of grounding the RX- line. RS485 is a bit more clever ... just a single pair. But 10Mhz at 4000 ft is pretty good speed/range.

    There are converters: Google will show some, (and give a design for one you can make yourself).

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