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    Default Networking Cables Cat5e vs Cat6


    Just a few questions to ask about straight Cat 5e and Cat6 cables.

    Would it be ideal to install using Cat5e or Cat6. I've got a number of cat5e cables at the moment, and unsure whether this could be a waste of time if in another few years I need to move to Cat 6?

    I've noticed that Cat6 cables are already pre-assembled, and I would to know if you can make your own (like cat5) without any fuss, cause I am not sure if they use the same connectors, like RJ45s and are easy to install too?

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    As far as I am aware they are compatible with cat 5e, cat 6 is faster, yes they do use the same connectors, the cat 5e and cat 6 both plug into the same network socket so...
    I would think it would be as cat 5e

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    Default Re: Networking Cables Cat5e vs Cat6

    Me pics

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