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Thread: F.W.J.M.

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    Default F.W.J.M.

    E-mail in and sent contents lost.
    On booting up after an overnight shut down all enteries in the "In box" and "sent box" had dissapeared.
    Although the in page is empty it indicates that there is 4Mb. in it.
    All other e-mail functions are intact. Despite extensive search's the mising files cannot be located.
    Since the loss the e-mail system works O.K. whith all new enteries listed.

    Operating systems are for E-Mails"Outlook Express" , XP-PRO and have Gb. of disk space.

    Can I recover the lost items and what is the cause of the situation over which I had no control?


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    Default Re: F.W.J.M.

    Not sure if its a same prob as yours but ive had a similar prob.
    Reboot and it came right.
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    Default Re: F.W.J.M.

    Have a look at the recovery tools available here for .dbx files. It may pay to try this on a copy of the orginal inbox.dbx etc.

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