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    Default Upgrading 4X AGP Graphics Card

    I have a PC which is a few years old now which I was wondering about upgrading the graphics card on as I'm thinking the graphics card (Nvidia GeForce3) may be a bit of a bottle neck for playing the latest games these days (such as strategy games & 3rd person shooter). The PC is a P4 2GHz with 512 RD-Ram (yeah the hideously expensive stuff!).

    So my first question is, given that the motherboard only supports AGP 4x could I upgrade the card to an AGP 8X card (assuming that the AGP card would drop back to 4x speed). From the limited research I've done it appears that this is possible but wanted to confirm this!

    Secondly, assuming that this is possible, is it worth it given that the card is hamstrung to 4x instead of 8x. If so what chipsets should I be looking at?

    Thanks for any assistance.


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    Default Re: Upgrading 4X AGP Graphics Card

    There shouldn't be a problem with backward compatibility between 8x and 4x AGP. I run a 8x AGP card in a 4x AGP slot fine. But as you say, it will drop to the lower speed. Not sure if you would really notice this difference in day to day use.

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    Default Re: Upgrading 4X AGP Graphics Card

    i think you may find the processor is going to limit the speed as much as the video card is going to. those early p4's were not exactly the fastest of chips. i suggest doing some testing to see if its actually worth replaceing the video card.

    btw what ver of GF3 have you got ?
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    Default Re: Upgrading 4X AGP Graphics Card

    Will check what version it is when I get home tonight. It does have 64MB of memory.

    It would be great to do some testing before replacing the video card, but as I don't have access to a card to check this out, I thought the next best thing is to garner advice from the 'experts'!


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    Default Re: Upgrading 4X AGP Graphics Card

    There are some noticable improvements, especially if it has more RAM. I ran a 8x Card in a 4x Slot and it did improve gaming online.



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