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    Default Pavilion 4410 USB Issues - Bios Upgrade DMI String too long

    I get a "New DMI string is too large" error when attempting to flash the HP Pavilion 4410. I Updated the Sis AGP driver in an attempt then update the bios to fix an issue with the USB ports not working.
    Driver Guide : --="This solves a problem with the P5S-VM motherboard found in HP Pavilions (specifically this corrected a problem I had in an HP Pavilion 4533)that shows USB ports setup correctly but can not be enabled. This occurred after a format and reload of WIN 98SE with the HP Recovery disk. Motherboard is called Osprey and is used in numerous HP Pavilion models. Bios information does not say that it corrects this exact problem but it does. This is BIOS version 1.10. You must have AGP video version driver to be able to use it."--=
    The PhoenixPhlash crashes when it gets to the point where it tries to identify the flash memory type. Any suggestions.

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    Default Re: Pavilion 4410 USB Issues - Bios Upgrade DMI String too long

    Welcome to Press F1, Mcscotsman.

    I can't help with this, but will bump you back to the front page.

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    Default Re: Pavilion 4410 USB Issues - Bios Upgrade DMI String too long

    This occurs when the old setting is not correctly overwritten

    Plenty of info here:

    But I would just mention that if the flash goes bad, the motherboard is a doorstop, and as your Windows disk is BIOS locked on an HP, Windows is also unuseable on another motherboard, so you are looking at an expensive option to replace.

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