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    Default Cheap flights to UK ?

    Is there a best time of year to fly to the UK ie= summer or winter time here or there. And who is best to fly book with etc, anyone had any recent dealings?

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    Default Re: Cheap flights to UK ?

    All airlines run specials from time to time depending on how their forward bookings are looking. There is obviously more demand for travel to the UK in their summer as it is not much fun being a tourist in a UK winter.
    Keep a check on the websites of the major airlines such as Lufthansa Qantas Singapore British Airways Cathay and Air NZ
    You can usually get an internet booking cheaper if you are not tied to a particular date as not all dates have reduced fares so you need to do some research for costs for various days and dates.
    This site gives a quick reference to current prices.

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    Default Re: Cheap flights to UK ?

    Whilst you can never rely on the weather in the UK, my experience is that it is generally better in September and early October.
    You don't get the cheapest flights at this time as they usually fall into the "shoulder" category ie not the high season or the low season

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    Wink Re: Cheap flights to UK ?

    Both our trips were on the "cusp", neither the cheapest nor the dearest. One was in May and one September. Both times we were lucky with the weather.
    If you go in the dead of winter then you need to be aware of what you are letting yourself into !
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    Default Re: Cheap flights to UK ?

    Couldn't help but notice that flights from here to London are a hell of alot more expensive than flights from London to here.
    Well the old man recently came over, flew via LA (with a nice 64kg luggage allowance) for about $1500 return (and that included taxes) early December.
    From here, you'd be looking at about 2500 via LA after taxes even after so called specials.

    Generally cheaper flying via Asia but you don't get that nice luggage allowance that you get via the US.

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