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    Some websites that I visit tell me that I need to instal a plug in.
    Ok I click on the icon to instal the plug in and this is what happens:
    Up comes the panel and indicates the plug in Macromedia Shockwave Player 10.1. Press next which I do. Up comes the agreement to abide by their conditions which I check the I agree button. Then an oblong slit appears with some little green balls sliding along from left to right, which I take it indicates that the installation is proceeding. The Back button and the Next button at the bottom are greyed out leaving the Cancel button available.
    So I sit and watch the little green balls go sliding by and I sit and watch the little green balls and I sit and watch the little green balls and I get up and go and make me a coffee and a bun and I come back ten minutes later and I sit and watch the little green balls go by and I sit etc., etc., etc.
    Question: How long do I have to sit and watch etc., etc., etc.
    So if you see a doddering old octogenerian wandering down the street with little green balls sliding along at the back of his eyes you will know it's me. Cheers

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    Hello, you might have some 'Internet Explorer' setting preventing the completion of the install.

    Suggestion, go to the site directly, download the software and save to desktop, close explorer then install the software, next time you open IE, the plugin should be working.
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