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Thread: Monitor whining

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    Default Monitor whining

    Hi everyone,

    I just hooked up a Philips 107S "Lightframe" monitor to a friend's computer, after having it hooked up to my computer as a second display, and it worked fine for the first ten minutes or so. We booted the computer again this evening, and within seconds we heard a high-pitched constant whine. It went away as soon as we switched off the monitor, but came back when we switched it back on. After about 30 seconds, though, it faded away and has been fine. There's been no problems with the display, and it never whined when I had it hooked up to my computer. Is this a sign of impending doom for this monitor, or just a "warming-up" issue (though I've never noticed it on my machine, as I said)



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    Default Re: Monitor whining

    The Light-Frame technology was notably troublesome... do you experience the problem when you disable it?
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    Default Re: Monitor whining

    Also, try dropping/increasing the refresh rate and see what happens.

    The Philips monitors also have one other problem. I've noticed that quite a few people seem to have some horrible blank horizontal line which will appear when you least expect it.

    Altering the refresh rate will fix it... until it returns after a few months.

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    I had similar problem with old HP monitor when I try to run it at 1024x768. When I decreased fame rate it worked fine.
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