Hi, i have been looking at a system, Packard Bell iMedia, at first i thought it was a simple modem problem- wrong drivers etc..., however i am now starting to think the problem may lay deeper and perhaps be the mobo.

Its using: Aztech systems CNR 2800 - w modem (i have physically taken it out and this is definately what it is).

It connects alright, however the catch 22 is it basically freezes the system up once connected unfortunately... i have tried all possible drivers with same results.

I also tried my external "serial" connection modem, with exactly the same results, it connects fine, however seems to freeze up anything else happening.

This is why i am starting to swing toward wondering if its a mobo prob perhaps - with 2 different modems connecting etc... however giving same results.

I have noticed that after about 10 minutes it does seem to free the system back up - presumably when its warm maybe?

Any opinions would be appreciated please! I don't have another pci modem to try, as i guess that would be the final test, maybe one of the pci slots is still o.k? However the fact that both the cnr and serial are giving same results doesn't seem hopeful and the 1 cnr slot is apparently shared with PCI slot 3.

To be honest the mobo specs don't appear very flash...

Has anybody got any idea on what the cause could be or if perhaps i am maybe on the right track with the mobo? I am hoping it may be something really simple i am overlooking .

Thanks .

**** The mobo is a Packard Bell Columbia:
# Support for the Intel Pentium 4 FC-PGA2 processor in socket mPGA 478B.
# Supports Up to 512MB of system memory in 2 RIMM memory sockets.
# Allows connection of 3 PCI extension cards or 2PCI cards and 1 CNR (Communications Network Riser).
# Integrated audio functionality through the SigmaTel STAC9756T Codec.
# Integrated 3D graphics functionality (may be disabled when used with an add-on graphics accelerator card).