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    Angry install keyboard and mouse

    I have removed my cordless keyboard and mouse to use on my new computer and want to use the original corded keyboard and mouse on the old computer. I tried switching off the old computer and plugging in the old keyboard and mouse, which worked when I last used them, and the cordless mouse and keyboard uses the same ports, so the ports are not stuffed. I also tried driver rollback. The computer boots up and doesn't give an error message, nor found new hardware message. But kebyboard and mouse won't work. If I put the cordless mouse and keyboard back in, they work fine. Any suggestions.

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    Default Re: install keyboard and mouse

    Welcome to PressF1, Viv.

    Put the coirdless ones back in, and start the BIOS setup. That will have a section which has to do with keyboards and mice. Look for things like "Human Interface Device", or "Legacy Support" .

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