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    Default USB optical mouse in DOS

    Anyone knows how to get a USB optical mouse to work in DOS environment, with windows 2000 or xp etc. Thanks.

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    Default Re: USB optical mouse in DOS

    Have a look in the BIOS on the machine.
    There should be an option to enable USB DOS emulation or something like that. I can't remember the exact name right now

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    Default Re: USB optical mouse in DOS

    Look for anything called "Legacy Support" or "Human Interface ..." in the BIOS.

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    Default Re: USB optical mouse in DOS

    Real DOS? Probably not...

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    Default Re: USB optical mouse in DOS

    Quote Originally Posted by pctek
    Real DOS? Probably not...
    Agreed, but have a look here, scrolling down to USB Mouse in DOS

    You would be best off getting a PS/2 mouse and forget USB for running real DOS .
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