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    Default Naughty Word addin

    Hi all,

    I have noticed recently that my word documents have an addin for EZPhoto all across the toolbar...
    I have uninstalled EZPhoto and done a reinstall of Office, but the damn thing is still there. I am selling this PC, so I want to try and clear this up before the buyer comes around to "check it out"

    Any ideas...?

    I wish I could show a picture of what it looks like..There are 23 EZPhoto buttons on the toolbar!

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    Default Re: Naughty Word addin

    Maybe "hijackthis" utility fix it up?

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    Default Re: Naughty Word addin

    Run word, go to the tools menu / customise / toolbars tab.

    See if the EZ Photo entries are here. Unticking them should remove them from the toolbar.

    Rather, than leave your stuff on it, I would format it.

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    Default Re: Naughty Word addin

    There is a MS fix here, sounds like there are some serious issues with EZphoto and Word 2k.

    It suggests to search for and delete the following:


    And to rename the global template (
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    Default Re: Naughty Word addin

    Thnak you pixeldust...

    All working normally now!

    Really appreciate the help...

    May get some money for the old girl yet!
    Deep, deep, deep undercover...

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