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    Post Partiton manager problem

    im using paragon partition manager 7(latest) to resize my hd partition. But im not being able to do any task everytime i try to do tasks like resizing partition converting file formats etc. i get a error msg " Please insert diskette with DOS partition Manager in drive A:\ and continue restart the computer" but i dont have this diskette bcoz i downloaded this software from the net. i didnt have this problem with the older version. plz help. im running win me.

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    Don't know much about Paragon PM but several components are omitted from the free demo version, one of them is Partition Explorer. Could this be giving you a problem?

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    I've just downloaded the manual from the manufacturers website, and page 26 gives reference on creating a bootable DOS diskette for WinME and why you need one. Page 115 tells you how to use the Recovery Media Builder to create that bootable DOS diskette.

    Manual - Paragon Partition Manager 7.x Personal Edition

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    i hav the full version

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